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Jennifer Lopez nearly retired from show business after being ridiculed for her big booty.

The singer-actress, 52, said she rose to fame at a time when the ideal celebrity body was super-thin, and said that not conforming to the mold helped push her to the brink of giving up on her dreams.

She said, “There were a lot of times when I just thought, ‘I guess I’m just going to leave.’ I had to figure out who I am. And believe in this and not believe in anything else.

“When I started working, the ideal of beauty was very thin, blond, tall, not very round. I grew up around curvy women so I had nothing to be ashamed of.

“It was hard when you think people think you’re a joke – like a punchline. But it ended up affecting things in a way that I never planned.”

Lopez adds in her new documentary ‘Half Time’, which premieres today (6/14/22) on Netflix, her fiancé Ben Affleck was shocked at how thorough she was subjected to a body check, but she said she expected it as she was Hispanic .

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In the film, the 49-year-old actor can be seen talking about Lopez, who was nicknamed “Jenny of the Block”, and about J. Lo: “I once said to her:” Does it bother you? And she said, “I’m Hispanic, I’m a woman, I expected this.”

The documentary also follows Lopez in early 2020 and talks about how furious she was that she was forced to share her Super Bowl halftime performance with 45-year-old Shakira that year.

Lopez calls their show together “the worst idea in the world” in her new one-shot, directed by 42-year-old Amanda Micheli.

The second mom, who has 14-year-old twins Max and Emme Muñiz with ex-husband Marc Anthony, 53, has scored 17 top ten singles, sold 80 million records, and has appeared in almost 40 films, including Out of Sight. George Clooney, 61, said she was also ordered to compromise in order to use the speech to criticize Donald Trump.

The day before the show, her bosses ordered her to remove cages containing child actors from the stage as a commentary on the fact that the border guards of the then US President were locking immigrants behind bars.

She refused and lashed out at the producers: “I’m trying to give you something substantial, not just us shaking our fucking asses out there.”


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