Insured Nomads buys Chrome travel app Peanut

Insurtech startup Insured Nomads purchased the Peanut travel store browser extension for an undisclosed amount.

Peanut, available as a free extension for Google Chrome, helps travelers plan their trips by offering real-time information on destination COVID-19 requirements, visa regulations and weather, as well as details on hotel history and flight delay risk.

The extension, based on data from companies such as, Expedia and Google Flights, also cites Insured Nomads insurance plans.

“At Insured Nomads, we help travelers navigate the world as safely and intelligently as possible, and that starts with booking,” says Insured Nomads CEO Andrew Jernigan.

“We bought Peanut because it’s revolutionary travel technology. Providing this kind of important travel information has simply never been done before.”

The co-founders of Peanut, including CEO Brady Simpson, are LinkedIn, Meta and Google alumni who discovered the need for real-time information while traveling during the pandemic.

“Having access to the right information and travel products like insurance is vital for exploring the world or working remotely today. That’s why we created this tool during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Simpson says.

Adds co-founder and lead designer Alex Lakas, “We named it Peanut because of the little packets of peanuts travelers get on planes – they’re free and an essential part of traveling around the world.”

Founded in 2019, Insured Nomads combines insurance and technology to help remote workers, expats and travelers live and work anywhere in the world.

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