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Ikea: These are the things you probably do that annoy others!

Are you a fan of Ikea stores? Yes, but now your behavior in these stores may annoy others. Find out why?

Do you enjoy shopping at Ikea? Yes, but are you the type of customer who does things that visibly annoy other people? Find out if your behavior in the Swedish giant is on this list… MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z.

These 7 Bad Habits You Picked Up at Ikea!

Shopping day at Ikea, what do you think? It is true that it is always very tempting to go to the store to discover the brand’s latest releases.

For example, do you know this shelf with wireless charging ? A real gem of design and technology, assembled in this piece of furniture made in Ikea! But that’s not all !

Because no one knows that soon Father’s Day is approaching. And to please our beloved dad, we can also count on the Swedish giant. Indeed, Ikea chose for this occasion very beautiful, original and inexpensive gifts.

So don’t waste a minute to head to your nearest Ikea store as soon as possible. You will definitely come back here again full of fantastic novelties.

Unless your behavior causes you to leave the store without going to the checkout. Because yes, some customers of the brand have developed bad habits when they go to IKEA. Is this your case?

You never look where you’re going

So of course you can’t wait to get your hands on this new lamp that makes you break. But still, watch where you step! Because, without looking at anything, you get right into … other customers!

So please relax, slow down and see where your path lies. And this in order not to be plentifully dressed up!

You are walking too slowly

Yes, yes, we know! You can find a lot of beautiful things in Ikea. But your snail’s pace in the shot aisles of the store is very annoying to others.

Of course, you want to take the time to watch everything. But also consider that others want to move forward in their journey. So put the turbo down a bit and carefully shift into gear.

you go against the current

This is a classic from Ikea. Indeed, the Swedish shop has set up a marked route so that everyone can move…in the same direction. Except that you choose to do as you please!

It’s true… That cute chest of drawers that you saw 200 meters upstream makes you want to look at it again! Also, again, this behavior will not only lead you to friends!

You change elements in presentation stands

Do you like how the staff skillfully organizes every presentation space at IKEA? Except that this pretty soap dish that…

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