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Rising inflation is forcing some locals to stay put rather than travel this Memorial Day weekend.

Xavier Warry of Waay31 spent time at the Alabama Jubilee Hot – Air Balloon Classic where people chose to save rather than spend money.

“Money gets scarce and you have to juggle a lot,” said Sandy Long, who loves Madison.

She says part of the reason they celebrate Memorial Day locally is because everywhere you look, prices keep going up.

“The cost of gasoline, as well as the cost of living, traffic jams. It just made sense for us to stay at home, drive locally, relax and have fun and just enjoy the weekend,” Long said.

Entrance to the event is free. Long says that even in tough financial times, there are local events and events to get involved in.

“Oh, this seems fantastic. It really is. We are people who like people so we like to go out and meet different people and then talk about things and just have fun. So that was the whole idea of ​​this weekend. Long said.

Budget entertainment for some, expensive for others.

Business owner Jordan Adcock says inflation is affecting his business.

“We spent over $1,000 on ingredients for this event,” Adcock said.

That’s more than she’s ever spent on a single event.

Adcock says rising prices for things like groceries, supplies and packaging are putting her in a tough position to make.

“It’s hard for a business owner to raise prices because you know there’s a limit you can reach before people stop buying it, but you also have to make money,” Adcock said.

Despite how difficult times can be, she says this weekend’s turnout benefits local businesses.

“I think it’s nice to have a lot of people in the city and give back to the community we’re in. And I know some people are still out of town, but there’s been a lot more here than I would have said last year.” Adcock said.

As for Sandy Long, she says times are undeniably tough. However, in these difficult times, she advises to “relax, pray about it and hope you make the right decisions.”


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