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Hopetiny: City of Brienon-sur-Argençon (89) is looking for future owners of their village of tiny houses

Like many modern French people, you can dream of a “green” life, cozying up in your little house to spend happy and serene days! And for some time now you’ve been scouring the municipalities looking for someone who will agree to see your tiny house grow on their land … Admittedly, this is not an easy task, because many municipalities are still reluctant to welcome this type of house that has feature to be removable! Thanks to the city of Brienon-sur-Armançon (89) you can find your happiness just 2 hours from Paris, in “Hopetiny”, a village of tiny houses scheduled for next year… Pack your bags and discover this beautiful region of Burgundy Franche-Comte!

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Brienon-sur-Armançon is a rural town in Yonne, located between Sens and Auxerre, less than 2 hours by public transport from Paris-Bercy. A boon for workers in the Île-de-France who can pass up to 3 hours in traffic jams or in transport French people! This rural town of about 3,500 people has several shops and various medical specialists (dental practice, medical practice, physiotherapist, midwife, etc.). The village also has private kindergarten and elementary school; kindergarten, public elementary school and college. In 2014, a nursery was built next to the elementary school.. In the surroundings you can walk along the Burgundy Canal that crosses the village and enjoy the many green spaces. Otherwise, perhaps the best place to spend a short weekend there, for example!

Photo courtesy of Ms. NOVAC, Urban Planning Department, City Hall of BRIENO-SUR-ARMANSON

Interview with the mayor’s office of the village of Nadezhda

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Nowak, who is in charge of this project at Brienon-sur-Armançon town hall.

Q. Can you tell us about your project?

The municipality of Brienon-sur-Armançon wishes to be hello earth for the tiny in a mess. The municipality enthusiastically and joyfully welcomes the village of tiny houses to promote this light, alternative and minimalist housing regime, economical, representing a better life with less, respectful of the environment, which does not touch the nature of the earth. The municipality decided to delegate the management of this creation to an individual; however, it will have the right to review the applications and the project.

Q. How did you come up with this idea?

Mr. CARRA, mayor of the city, deals with social and economic issues of solidarity. After being the initiator of the integration project, for two years he led the “Third Place” project in partnership…

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