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He buys 350 pairs of rare Air Jordans, cheating in a raffle, and receives 66,000 euros.

M6 viewers who watched the last issue of the Capital program on June 26 still cannot believe it. A young man explains that he has a face camera “deceived” during sweepstakes organized by Nike to get their hands on a significant amount of Air Jordan rare. In short, enough to let him pocket a big ticket. And this is not happening.

Openly deceiving Nike is a bad idea?

The principle is known sneakersbut probably less to the general public. From now on, most of the limited edition sneaker brands that are destined to see their rankings skyrocket are organizing sweepstakes, giving equal chances to those who want to get a rare model that becomes unavailable when it returns to the market. gray market. Unless the clever guys quickly came up with a scheme to get ahead of everyone and distort the jokes.

This young man is followed by a show Capital, broadcast on M6, is one of them. He will even brag about it in front of the camera, explaining Tricked Nike into getting 350 pairs of Air Jordan 1 University Bluethe model is now priced at around 400 euros on StockX: “My biggest booty was the Jordan 1 University Blue around May 2021. I think we had about 350 pairs of this pair. » A real jackpot that allowed him to earn 66,000 euros after the resale.

Admitting to creating bots to increase the chances of getting the most popular sneakers, the boy even goes into detail about his M6 method: “Let’s say you only have one mailing address, but you want to have 100 pairs. This is not possible, the site will detect this and ban you. There is a little trick: in the abbreviations you need to indicate 43 boulevard Général de Gaulle, 43 Général de Gaulle Boulevard or 43 bvd de Gaulle. All this will allow you to have a different address and eventually your order will go through. »

Software that allows you to create fake profiles will cost about 600 euros. Marginal investment considering the amounts made. However, since the report was released, the sneaker fanatic with numerous tricks has not failed to take offense on social media….

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