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Fashion Roller Mechanics – Liberation


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Similar to the skateboarding used by brands in the 90s, the creators draw inspiration from motorsports, starting with stunt bikes.

If motorcycles have always inspired fashion, Thierry Mugler’s streamlined body worn by Emma Sjöberg’s top in the video too scared George Michael, and then Beyoncé became a cult wave – we have not seen such a wave for ages. The Covid pandemic is likely due to this desire for a strong feel that we feel emerges in fashion focused on motorcycle culture. As in music and cinema, mechanical thunder roars through the collections and advertising campaigns of a wide range of brands, from Bottega Veneta to Jacquemus, and carries a whole imagination: controlled risk, rediscovered freedom and a kind of lust for life that speaks to both sexes.

List of motorcycles lovers never stops getting longer and all the two wheeler chapels are represented. So, on June 4, rapper Jule appeared on stage at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille on a T-Max descending from the sky, a Yamaha sports maxi-scooter – one of the neighborhood boys’ favorite two-wheeled vehicles. Spanish singer Rosalia, a fan of MotoGP competitions (the main motorcycle world championship), paid tribute to the cars that her mother rode in her latest album. And in the clip Saoko, dressed as a mugler, she performs highly acrobatic maneuvers surrounded by “stuntmen” who perform aerobatics on a motorcycle.

The seventh art is also interested in mechanical culture: …

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