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June 21, 2022

The $85.1 million upfront payment for the 150MW battery storage project at the Tarong power plant is one of the few highlights for South Burnett in the 2022-23 state budget passed on Tuesday.

The funding allocated for 2022-2023 is part of the $206.9 million projected cost of the South Renewable Energy Zone project.

Other budget highlights include funding for regular upgrades, equipment replacements and renovations at Tarong Power Station ($55.7 million) and Meandu Coal Mine ($21 million).

In total, $18.6 million of the $31 million will be spent in 2022-2023 to renovate the Kilkiwan power substation to improve network performance.

Other electricity-focused budget investments include US$13 million to accelerate the feasibility study for a proposed pumped-storage storage facility at Borumba Dam and US$35 million to locate another pumped-storage facility in Queensland.

The Wambo wind farm, to be built in stages southwest of Kingaroy, received $68.2 million in 2022-2023 out of a total cost of $374.6 million.

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Support was also given to the rapidly expanding local tourism business.

Vina Dusty Hill in Moffatdale will receive $450,000 over the next 12 months to support a $4.5 million project expanding tourist accommodation facilities in South Burnett to support an existing restaurant/bakery and basement door.

This funding comes from the 2020 Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund and is provided in partnership with the private sector.

A total of $526,400 was also allocated in 2022-2023 to protect the environment and indigenous cultural heritage in the Bunya Mountains. This funding will come from the state’s $21 million Land and Sea Rangers program.

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The new Toowoomba Hospital has been included in the Queensland Healthcare’s $9.78 billion ‘Expansion Programme’ planned over the next six years.

When completed, the new $1.3 billion Toowoomba Hospital will have about 118 more beds.

Meanwhile, in 2022-2023, $2.5 million of the total $7 million will be spent to upgrade the electrical infrastructure in the existing hospital, and $21.9 million of the total $42 million will be allocated for the construction of a two-day surgery unit. . on the campus of Bailey Henderson Hospital. This is part of the $49 million total cost of Toowoomba Hospital.

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Two sections of the D’Aguilar Highway between Yarraman and Kingaroy received more money to continue upgrading in 2022–23: Nanango to Kingaroy ($2.05 million in safety upgrades), Bushnells Road, Nanango, to Hornley Road, Coolabuniya ( $1.694 million to widen and reinforce the sidewalk).

Corndale Road in Memerambi will receive $768,000 to clear, widen and seal.

No new money in 2022-2023 has been allocated to repave the Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains gravel section of the road, although $936,000 has been allocated for 2023-2024 and $1.028 million for 2024-2026.

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