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Elvis Costello called the Platinum Party at the Palace concert “crap” and specifically criticized Sir Rod Stewart’s performance.

The “Oliver’s Army” hitmaker was unimpressed by last weekend’s stellar musical extravaganza, which featured the likes of Queen, Diana Ross, George Ezra and Elbow, and poked fun at the “Maggie May” singer for her critically panned rendition of “Sweet Caroline.”

Speaking on stage in Glasgow, the 67-year-old Elvis told the audience: “I was in Brighton the other day for the anniversary. But the show was good, wasn’t it? Is not it? No, it was shitty.

“I mean, I know you all love him and he’s one of you and all, but Rod. What the fuck?

“I have to say, look, we all have bad nights with vocals, but damn, ‘sweet damn Caroline.

“Are you f***ing mocking me?

“I mean, I’ve been in show business for 45 years, so I know a thing or two. How is it that no one asked Rod to sing “You Wear It Well”?

Elvis then joked that Diana, who sang “Chain Reaction”, could have chosen other tracks from her back catalog that would be more appropriate.

He joked, “Look, Diana Ross had a whole list of songs that would fit the occasion: ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’, ‘I’m Living In Shame.’ I don’t say “Love the child”.

“You never heard that from me.

Rod’s wife, Penny Lancaster, had previously defended her husband and insisted that it was not his choice to sing the Neil Diamond classic.

She said “The BBC said Rod we need you to sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ it’s the queen’s favorite you have to do it so he didn’t have much of a choice.”

And the question of whether the 77-year-old star will perform at all after COVID-19 affects his voice has vacillated.

Penny said: “It was very touching and he was so nervous before it, he was three weeks in Vegas and got covid right after the last show, he came home and went through a ten day contagious period but he lost his voice.

“So he showed up for the sound check on Wednesday wearing a mask but no voice, and he asked how long can I leave it on?”

“So he went to another rehearsal on Friday, but his voice is there now, but he wasn’t quite ready, but he didn’t want to disappoint anyone. It wasn’t a Rod Stewart show, it was for the nation and for everyone to come together for the queen, and he wanted to make people happy, so it was a song.”


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