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Doobs: The couple are building a house out of 6 shipping containers and share their tips on how to do the same.

Live in a container house? Nowadays, these homes, built from new or used shipping containers, are gaining popularity… With rising land prices, rents and building materials, they are becoming an alternative to traditional dwellings. Depending on the number of containers collected, they are not all cheaper than a traditional house, but they have the advantage of being quickly built and customized as desired…

Used containers at the foot of their house

Some owners opt for new containers, but Capuchin and Florent opted for containers that have already traveled the world… Six containers for a living space of 170 m², a huge house that they built themselves with the help of their relatives. Capuchin is a nurse, Florent is a real estate agent, and both are passionate about needlework and decoration. In 2019, we watched a program about unusual houses and opened houses from containers: it clicked! Since that date, they have been documenting themselves in social networks, books, etc. It was decided that their future home would be built from containers… The construction seems light, without unnecessary masonry; an exciting project for two natives of Dole!

Photo credit: Capuchin and Florent / homebox25 / Instagram

It’s still quite a complex project.

If their plans had already been implemented a long time ago, then the most difficult thing for the couple was to find a municipality that agreed to accept them! If they originally chose the city of Avannes for settlement, they had to change the destination because the municipality does not allow this type of construction. Therefore, it was from François that they were able to buy an 800 m² plot of land to build their house. And they had to fight because the city hall was very resistant to their project… Finally, after numerous meetings, explanations, plans, evidence, etc., they received a building permit in 2020. Shortly before the first conclusion, the company is at a standstill, unable to move… They will have to wait until July 6 of that year to see the delivery of their 6 containers. Then nine months of work creating the underground, placing the pipes, installing the retaining beams, filling the pit, etc. Then you have to cut out the interior walls, install the containers in their final configuration, insulate them with a maximum of 4 different layers (sheet metal, polyurethane, wool, placo). It was also necessary to ensure the passage of communications, because in a container, telephone or Internet communication can be very difficult.

Finally creating an interior!

After all that initial work, they finally moved on to planning their house…

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