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This spring, Ch’illiwack launched the Protect This Gift initiative to change the way we manage destinations.

A new video shows how Chilliwack tourism is moving towards “regenerative tourism,” which means leaving a place better than you found it.

“Tourism Ch’illiwack is committed to being a force for change,” said Allison Colthorpe, CEO of Tourism Ch’illiwack. “We believe that a destination brand can inspire value change, and Protecting This Gift is not only a brand aspiration, but a human aspiration.”

The idea combines the well-being of society with the well-being of the entire ecosystem to the point where everyone, from residents to businesses, etc., will benefit.

“The pre-COVID tourism business was already bursting at the seams for most BC communities, so it’s time to make sure we manage tourism responsibly in and around Chilliwack,” said Chairman Brian Minter.

Tourism Ch’illiwak has been gradually moving towards regenerative tourism in the last few years.

“But it gives us a powerful and meaningful platform that not only we will use, but also our tourism partners, who can also use and connect to their business,” Minter said.

People who come here expect them to act carefully and responsibly, whether it’s hiking, biking, walking the dam, or otherwise soaking up the natural beauty. The move towards responsible tourism is also addressing the never-ending problem of illegal dumping throughout the region and reflects the need to move from organizing “destination marketing” to organizing “destination management”.

This purposeful transition to “management” is about caring for the gift that is Chilliwack’s natural areas and preventing environmental damage with a “pack-in-pack-out” mentality.

“Protecting This Gift” has four pillars: Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be Safe, Leave Rich.

The latest travel video evokes a sense of purpose and action aimed at residents and visitors alike.

Ch’illiwack Tourism is the official destination management organization for the City of Chilliwack, FVRD Area E and H, and the Cultus Lake Park Council. Ch’illiwack Tourism operates on the traditional, ancestral and unassigned lands of the Ts’elxwéyeqw and Pelho’lhxw tribes of the Stó:lō-Coast Salish.

“Protecting this gift” is in line with Tourism Ch’illiwack’s five-year strategic plan and Sí:yá:ya Yóyes: Living Tourism Action Plan. Ch’illiwack Tourism is a member of Leave No Trace Canada and is proud to also support BC Adventure Smart initiatives.

The launch of the video will be followed by a shift in the social presence, marketing initiatives and activities of Tourism Ch’illiwack.

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