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David Beckham has been accused of hypocrisy for supporting a gay soccer player while receiving millions of pounds to be the face of the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexuality is outlawed.

The retired footballer was highlighted by gay magazine Attitude for agreeing to the deal after he backed 17-year-old Blackpool midfielder Jake Daniels for a recent confession.

This made him the first male professional football player in the UK to come out as homosexual since 37-year-old Justin Fashanu in 1990.

An Instagram post from Attitude account angered the 47-year-old Beckham for “keeping his money as far away from his mouth as possible.”

Nicknamed Goldenballs Beckham, who has four children with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, 48, was the cover star of the 2002 issue of Attitude.

He is believed to have been paid £10m by the Qatari government to be the face of the World Cup this winter.

The brutal regime has been condemned by human rights activists for its anti-gay laws and treatment of women.

Beckham said after Daniels’ announcement, “It’s a pity that when someone actually comes out, it’s such a weird thing. I have always believed that when someone comes out, it should not be.

“After all, there will be a huge amount of gay people in sports, and why should anyone be different from the rest?”

Attitude hit back at the former football right winger and now co-owner of Inter Miami Football Club, writing: “Beckham asks why gay people in sports should be different from everyone else.

“One of the reasons David could take into account is that in many places around the world, queer people are not only marginalized and oppressed, but persecuted. One such place is Qatar, the country he is going to be the face of.”

An Attitude spokesperson said: “Qatar is an extremely homophobic country where, under Sharia law, men who have sex with other men can be executed. Other penalties include life imprisonment and flogging.

“In April, a Qatari security official warned fans planning to travel to the World Cup that rainbow flags supporting the LGBT community could be confiscated. Fans have previously said that this is not the case.

The Mail on Sunday reported that Beckham’s associates said the former Manchester United player, whose net worth is estimated at £360m, is pleased with the Gulf state’s human rights developments.


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