Danang, Vietnam, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roads Asia 2022 ended with great success after the Routes Asia 2023 organization was taken over chiangmai, Thailand. The event creates an excellent opportunity for Da Nang tourism and aviation industry in the coming years.

Routes Asia is a great opportunity to promote inbound tourism opportunities and drive the social and economic growth of Da Nang City.

Hosting Routes Asia 2022, Danang keeps its position as Asia a leading festival destination as it attracted over 500 delegates from over 200 companies, airlines, airports, aviation service providers and tourism authorities, with hundreds of offline and online meetings, panel discussions, exclusive airline briefings and business contacts.

Improving the efficiency of Routes Asia 2022

Roads Asia 2022 provided a platform for great discussions such as: Directions for Danang the city in the next period to attract new international tourism markets; Incentives for airlines to connect new flights in Danang; Best practices and ideas from the aviation and tourism community in the region to develop networking strategies; By promoting transport, services, tourism and investment, revive the aviation industry in Vietnam; Long-term plans for the development of a network of international flights, creating a strong impetus for the development of regional tourism, investment and logistics. In particular, face-to-face and online meetings with airlines and international airports (AirAsia, Qantas, CAPA – Center for Aviation, Eva Air, etc.) helped decision makers to formulate a vision for the development of new connecting routes. Danang With SingaporeKorea, India and many other areas that will help Danang tourism will grow strongly from 2022.

Roads Asia is gold chance promote inbound tourism opportunities and stimulate the socio-economic growth of the city. Uniting airlines, airports and tourism authorities to develop strategies that will restore air connections through Asian-Pacific area, Danang is actively positioning itself in the region and using the advantage to restore air service faster than in other places.. Routes Asia will play an integral role in Danang achieving its ambitious master plan to become the socio-economic center of the country by 2045.. Danang need to take advantage capabilities what Routes Asia 2022 suggestions to farther expand connection with international airlines for opening new roads to Danang. It’s because main attraction factor more visitors to help them travel to destination most comfortable” – Mr. Stephen Small, director of Informa Routes.

Branding”Danang“gain popularity

Benefits for Danang the tourism sector is a potential Danang International airport, visa waiver policy, price concessions on tickets, travel services, travel packages suitable for different segments…


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