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NEW DELHI: Despite its huge reserves of natural resources, India ranks quite low in global adventure tourism. However, the Ministry of Tourism believes that the country has great potential to become a global market for adventure, sports and eco-tourism.

As the Ministry of Tourism consulted on proposals for reforms and provisions in the new National Tourism Policy to take India’s tourism sector to new heights, it has developed two separate policy frameworks to encourage stakeholders to actively work towards adventure development. and eco-tourism as part of the National Strategy for Adventure and Ecotourism.

State rankings for adventure tourism, the establishment of ecotourism neighborhoods in forested areas, and training and certification programs for the tourism workforce are among several policy proposals to jump-start adventure and ecotourism in the country.

According to the Adventure Travel Competitiveness Index (ATDI) 2020 published by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) in association with the George Washington University International Institute for Tourism Research (GW), India was ranked 96th in the world.

The Department will rank adventure tourism states with the key goal of improving competitiveness and encouraging states to actively work to develop adventure tourism with the overarching goal of promoting sustainable tourism, according to the National Adventure Tourism Strategy. .

Both documents were sent to all ministries, departments and stakeholders for further action. Professionals organizing adventure sports and tours around the country praised the government’s efforts.

Captain Swadesh Kumar, founding president of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI), called the decision a welcome move. “It’s good that the government is moving beyond heritage and spiritual tourism and promoting adventure activities,” he said.


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