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With the easing of Covid restrictions, reviving the tourism sector has become a priority. Caravan tourism is gaining popularity as it offers tourists the flexibility and freedom to ensure they are on a safe and comfortable journey. Following the success of its roadshows in Europe and the Middle East and various partnership meetings in four major metropolitan areas in India, Kerala Tourism has embarked on intensive marketing to showcase and promote its Caravan Tourism initiative across India. It aims to build on its reputation as a global destination and a safe holiday destination for both local and international tourists. (Also read: Caravan tourism could be the next big travel trend amid the pandemic)

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Keravan Kerala is growing in popularity with over 1,000 caravans plying the state. About 150 caravan sites will soon be built as part of the government’s tourist-oriented caravan tourism policy under the brand name Keravan Kerala, which was announced last September. This is evidenced by the interest expressed by entrepreneurs in operating 280 tourist caravans and 148 caravan sites throughout the state. A caravan park has just appeared in Wagamon in the Idukki area, and several caravans are already plying around the state.

PA Tourism Minister Mohamed Riyas said that Keravan Kerala is an initial initiative that has resonated strongly with the industry as a large number of potential investors have shown interest in establishing caravan sites and operating caravans in the state.

“The government has announced a comprehensive stakeholder-focused caravan tourism policy to encourage this segment. It includes a subsidy from 2 lakhs to 7.5 lakh, in addition to relief, the Department of Motor Vehicles gave entrepreneurs to buy and operate caravans,” he said.

“The caravan policy marks a strategic shift to present the entire state to a global audience based on the concept of ‘exploring the unknown’ year round,” he said, adding, “This could be a game-changer for tourism in a state that has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. So we decided to launch an aggressive pan-Indian campaign to give it a huge boost.”

In addition to the Benz caravan, which was first launched in Kerala last October, Force Motorhome, Luxe Camper (from Bangalore-based startup Campervan Camps) and Moto Glampers from Chhattisgarh have since launched their caravans, giving a lot of…


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