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Can of Beer Takes Revenge – Liberation

Chronicle “Arrow”

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Reports, portraits, recommendations… Every month, the column “La Tireuse” tells about the world of beer. In this third episode, we are interested in the arrow of the can, which restores its image and wins back positions from the unrivaled bottle.

If someone tells you “a can of beer”, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is 8.6 – something meant for beer and contracted to be consumed warm. However, in recent years, the small aluminum barrel has made a notable return to the brewing world, where it is no longer associated only with Maximizers and other Mega Demons that sometimes claim higher alcohol content than wine. It becomes the norm, gradually replacing the unsurpassed bottle, and, probably, this is not just a trend. In the middle, it is customary to say that France is ten or fifteen years behind the Americans and northern Europe in terms of binuzes, and there the bank is already the queen.

At Aerofab, near Nantes, the founders have chosen the can since the launch of the brewery in 2018. “We were among the first French who produced only cans, says Valentin Petit, who is responsible for sales and logistics. An example of inspiration can be found on the side of the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian breweries, which, like us, are very prone to very hoppy styles. However, hops are a very fragile product, and in order to preserve their aroma and protect them from oxidation, the jar does its job perfectly: “It blocks out 100% of the light and doesn’t let air in, unlike bottle caps.”

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