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Caldera Yachting in Santorini will delight lovers of maritime luxury!

Caldera Yachting is the ultimate experience for sea lovers. The Santorini Cruise Line comfortably offers the pleasure of tailor-made luxury cruises around the beautiful island of Santorini, leaving an unforgettable experience. The program includes an excellent day of navigation in a relaxed atmosphere, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the client.

All-inclusive cruises, shared or private, on a variety of new ships, that’s what Caldera Yachting has to offer. Boats include luxury catamarans, monohulls, motor yachts, traditional boats and zodiac boats, combining a high level of comfort, safety and style with excellent performance. A well-trained and experienced crew provides first-class services on board.

360° customer experience

Caldera Yachting has received several awards over the years for its yachting services. Each of these awards is important to the Caldera Yachting team as it ranks among companies recognized for best practices and initiatives that promote innovation and quality. His constant efforts to stay focused on customer service are rewarded by delivering consistent quality service and always striving to create a unique yachting experience in the vast region of Santorini.

The quality of the services offered marks the true quality of the customer experience, highlighting the elements that add a unique dimension and added value to every minute of their journey. Since 2014, Caldera Yachting has received Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence and has been a permanent presence at the Greek Tourism Awards since 2015, receiving gold and silver awards each year for guest experience and best in the yachting category. In 2017, the company was awarded the “Charter Company of the Year” award, becoming one of the best in the world. At Caldera Yachting, providing a safe and comfortable environment for its guests and employees is of paramount importance. Since the first minutes of the COVID-19 crisis, the company has been constantly aware of the directives of the Greek authorities and international health organizations.

The company’s vision is based on its motto “Experience for a lifetime”. His added value lies in the fact that from the very beginning of his activity until today, he treats the client as a visitor to a certain place, and not as a simple client to whom he provides a service. Caldera invents, designs and proposes a way to experience the absolute difference. The cruise line creates a recipe that it follows responsibly and consistently, with all types of boats…

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