Biden officials lift international travel requirement

(The Hill) — The Biden administration announced Friday it is lifting the requirement that international travelers test negative for the coronavirus before entering the United States.

“The CDC has determined, based on scientific evidence and evidence, that this requirement is no longer required at this time,” a senior administration official said.

The request ends at 00:01 Sunday.

Some experts have pointed out that this requirement doesn’t seem to make much sense given that COVID-19 is already circulating widely in the United States.

The travel industry has also lobbied to remove the requirement, saying it is no longer necessary.

“It is not clear what pre-arrival testing actually achieved,” tweeted Jennifer Nuzzo, an infectious disease expert at Brown University. “My experience of testing abroad has not convinced me that tests are actually conducted in a useful way. It seemed more likely that I got a negative result for a price.”

The move is another sign of a new era of COVID-19, with some of the measures designed when the virus was seen as an unmanageable crisis being phased out.

“We can take this step because of the tremendous progress we have made in the fight against the virus: we have made life-saving vaccines and treatments widely available, and these tools work to prevent serious illness and death, and are also effective against the virus. common variants circulating in the US and around the world,” said a senior administration official.

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