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Bastia: “The Creazione Festival is a desire to show another Corsica”

The fashion and design festival starts on Thursday. For three days, the Palais des Gouverneurs will be a showcase for 47 island makers. Looking back at an event conceived in 2015 by the Agglo Tourist Office led by Véronique Valentini-Calendini, its director.

6e The Creazione edition will start on Thursday. A “custom” offer presented in 2015 by the agglo tourist office. Back to original motives?

First of all, there was a desire to shake off the dust from the destination. To change the way you look at the territory. We’ve shown that it’s possible to bring heritage to life by making a destination glamorous. Through the event, she was even going to get sexy. We have a magnificent plural heritage, but there was no longer a need to subordinate visitors and residents to it. We wanted to show that in Corsica we can do something other than cold cuts and cheese. We also had another Corsica with people who create in fashion and design. Corsica, which few people knew.

What was the state of the fashion industry back then?

Even before Creazione, there were brands and designers in the territory. But you had to go to them, each in his own workshop, to buy one of their products. At some point, we thought it would be interesting to give people the opportunity to meet with them in the same place. Then the idea was born to propose an event in an unusual and natural theatre, such as the Palais des Gouverneurs, which would become “the place to be”. And not taking myself seriously. That’s why we decided to take a non-standard position, effectively placing a bag in front of Pascal Paoli’s head, or a T-shirt in front of an artist’s work. We wanted to bring together these creators from Bonifacio, Cap Corse and Balagny. From these meetings, cooperation was born, but also friendship.

This island of 200 creators

Was it difficult to implement this new approach?

At first it was very difficult. We started the festival with only twenty authors. We had to prove that this festival could be effective. It turned out to be a great showcase for island creators, and today we’re getting 120 study applications to keep only 47 creators.

Your intangible selection criteria, what are they?

The principles to be followed are to have a website and be on social networks, but above all to live in Corsica or have your business there. Of course, we can design a jersey or a bag on the island, but we can’t create them because we don’t have the raw materials or even the production tools. And, in addition to the qualification criteria, the creators must meet the state of mind

But what is this state of mind…

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