Aroostook City wants to attract tourists with a new targeted campaign

CARIBU, Maine. As Aroostook County seeks to attract a wider range of tourists,

one city really wants to get to know its visitors.

Located just north of Pres Isle, Caribou has a unique plan to determine who is most likely to visit and then help them view the region as the county’s top destination.

For years, Caribou has mainly attracted tourists through word of mouth and promoted leisure, business, events and local destinations through social media. But the aggressive new marketing strategy will target tourists looking for an experience that sets Caribou apart from other parts of the state.

This month, the city received a $10,000 corporate marketing grant from the Maine Tourism Authority. Beginning July 1, the City will work with local marketing consultants and the Aroostook County Tourism Department to identify the groups of people who visit the region most, what activities they are likely to be looking for, and how the City can better target advertising to those groups.

“We will create ‘tourist profiles’ about who exactly these tourists are and how we can get their attention,” said Penny Thompson, Caribou city manager. “For example, are they families with children or pensioners? Are they visiting family? Are they coming here for the first time? What amenities will they be looking for?

Once the City and the consultants have identified the main tourist groups, they will create dedicated social media and print content to encourage these people to visit. Those items are likely to include brochures and other publications at Maine visitor centers, as well as short videos highlighting the caribou’s seasonal activity, Thompson said.

Using the grant, Caribou will also create a dedicated tourism information page on the city’s website. This page will include listings of local restaurants, hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, repair shops, and car dealerships.

Similar to the Visit Aroostook website operated by Aroostook County Tourism, the Visit Caribou page will feature attractions unique to the region, including snowmobiles, quad bikes and hiking trails, local farm shops, and events such as Thursdays on Sweden Street, Saturdays for Small business and the annual craft fair.

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