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With many travel restrictions fading away and an unsatisfied desire to travel, hotels, highways and airports will be busy this summer. Experts expect travel to be at levels or even higher than before the pandemic.

In the French Worldwide Travel of Newington magazine, there was evidence of travel demand. Several customer groups booked trips.

Joyce and Peter Prizio are taking their three children and six grandchildren to Italy.

“Our hometown is San Mango sul Calore,” said Joyce Prizio. “It’s about 50 minutes from the Amalfi Coast.”

Agency owner Valerie French said she is working non-stop to meet pre-pandemic travel needs.

Traveling this summer looks very different than a year ago.

“Oh my God. It’s about 100 times bigger,” French said.

Her advice for summer air travelers: Be flexible as airlines struggle to keep up with demand, and be sure to purchase travel insurance, especially if you’re flying internationally.

“Unfortunately, people have tested positive. [for COVID-19] overseas and are not allowed to return to the United States without quarantine,” French said.

The Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) said it expects about 10,000 passengers to pass through Bradley each day during the peak summer tourist season. They suggest arriving 90 minutes prior to departure and consider checking in to “TSA Pre” to expedite security checks.

TSA Security also advises people to be careful about what they pack and look at their website to understand which items are not allowed in carry-on baggage. They will continue to restrict hand luggage to liquids up to 3.4 ounces, with one exception.

“You are allowed to keep a 12-ounce bottle of sanitizer in your bag. Simply because of the current conditions in which we live,” explained CAA Federal Security Service Director Bill Chontos.

For those traveling for the summer holidays, fuel prices have become significant. However, AAA reported that 40% of people who took part in a recent survey said it did not affect their plans.

“Now that gas prices are approaching the ugly $5 a gallon mark, we’ll have to wait and see what people actually decide to do,” AAA spokeswoman Tracey Noble said in a statement.

Meanwhile, many people like Amanda Tremblay fly. She booked her honeymoon today and is thrilled despite any small inconveniences that may arise.

“Things are kind of opening up, so we, you know, I’ll be standing in long lines, but that’s okay,” Tremblay said.

French advises people to plan now because everything is booked very quickly. She also said she’s open to high car rental prices, which she says are currently around $100 a day.


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