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a hit, even among 19 year olds

Despite the criticism and abuse seen in covert operations, botulinum toxin injections (the famous Botox) have become the most popular aesthetic intervention in the world with 43.2% of all actions, ahead of hyaluronic acid injections (28.1%). to the latest data presented by the professional organization Imcas (International Master Course in the Science of Aging) at its annual congress, which took place this weekend in Paris. (one).

This success applies to almost all age groups. In addition to 65 and older, 51-64 and 35-50 year olds, 19-34 year olds are also very interested in this type of procedure, which aims to eliminate wrinkles, furrows and crow’s feet by freezing facial features.

19-34-year-olds are more likely to undergo surgery

In addition, 19-34-year-olds are the second age group in terms of the number of acts for aesthetic purposes. “They are more likely to resort to surgery than younger ones,” doctors Benjamin Asher and Laurent Bronet emphasize in their report, published on Monday. Thus, they account for 68% of rhinoplasties and 48% of liposuctions performed worldwide.

On the other hand, the next segment, 35-50 years old, mostly prefers to resort to non-surgical interventions. “The action most requested by these patients is the injection of botulinum toxin, with half of these procedures in the world being performed in this age group,” the specialists specify.

As for the youngest patients, up to 18 years old, they will be more involved in aesthetic operations, primarily rhinoplasty, than botulinum toxin injections. Logically, they remain the age group with the fewest cosmetic procedures.

After botulinum toxin and filler injections, the most requested non-invasive treatment is permanent hair removal (12.8%), which also experienced a peak growth of 76.1% (!) in 2020 among plastic surgeons. Fat reduction with body shaping devices (3.9%) and photorejuvenation (3.6%, with a growth of 32.3%) rounded out the top five according to Imcas.

Whether it’s a scalpel, laser or syringe, women make up 86.3% of patients worldwide in 2022.

In Europe and the United States, breast augmentation and liposuction remain the queens, while in Asia, eyelid surgery with a facelift and fat transfer to the face leads the way.

It should be noted that among minors, the installation of breast prostheses is becoming increasingly popular. 43% of women aged 18 and under use this procedure for purely cosmetic reasons, especially in Europe and Latin America.

(1) Imcas brings together players in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures. The presented figures are obtained as a result of the analysis …

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