3-Day Tourism Festival Begins in Seraj: The Tribune India

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Mandi, June 11

Minister Jal Shakti Mahender Singh Thakur today opened the three-day Jangeli Tourism Festival in the Seraj Assembly Segment in the area.

On the first day of the festival, the main attraction of the festival were paintings made with various mahila mandalas.

Most of them represented the art and culture of the area, while others focused on topics such as drugs and their harmful effects. An additional entertainment was rangoli prepared by schoolchildren. Students from the College of Horticulture spoke about protecting the environment, and the Department of Health disseminated information about the Covid pandemic.

The Minister, addressing the audience, said that Rs 2250 crores has been spent on the development and expansion of tourism activities in the state. He added that various projects will strengthen tourism infrastructure and take steps to promote tourism.

“In order to connect uncharted tourist spots in the state, the government is developing tourism activities under the Nai Raahein, Nai Manzileen scheme. The state has a huge potential for growth in the tourism sector,” he said.

The Minister said that work is underway to connect the state to the railway network. Tourism activities will also receive a boost with the completion of the proposed airport at Mandi. He added, “About Rs 500 crore has been spent to provide clean drinking water to every household in the Seraj Assembly constituency. In addition, eight projects worth about Rs 60 crore have been approved to provide irrigation facilities to local farmers.”

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